It is about to become an editorial news organ of the spiritual creative house ELLODIA=ELLODIA

This form in electronic digital format is to be published in seven Greek languages. English, Russian, French, Spanish modern simplified Chinese and Turkish with the prospect of expansion to other languages. It will include two topics in which leading scientists from all over the world, literary artists, authors, visual artists will write articles and in general it will host every free and unbound voice in the following topics A. MODERN NEWS AND SCIENTIFIC DOCUMENTATION OF CURRENT TIMES AND B. LITERARY EXPRESSION AND EXPRESSION OF EACH LITERATURE OF EFFORT IN EVERY KIND OF LITERATURE

Those interested, please contact the Spiritual Creative House ELLODIA, 14-16 Feidius Street, 7th floor, phone numbers 6907154352 and 6993316984 and E-mail and st.georgoulis@gmail.com and ellodia95@gmail.com and website www.geoellodia.gr

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