Dr. Stamatios Georgoulis

Responsible Journalist

of the Spiritual Creative House

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Keeping in mind the original intellectual creation, we proceeded to establish the newly established intellectual creative house called ELLODIA, i.e. ODE OF GREECE, which ardently strives for the promotion of letters, arts and sciences, through original creative ideas and challenges. Our central slogan: In Greece and in the whole earth there is no human being left as a spiritual entity. Every human being is a blessed birth of creation and came to planet earth to offer something special and unique. In this context, our concern is to promote and promote every idea of ​​creation that could be a bright stone for building a tomorrow’s world better than yesterday’s, where the spiritual orgasm, mutual support and mutual understanding of all human personalities that certainly each one has something special to offer from its side, in the matter of “well-being” and the prevention of the threatened survival of our much-tested planet.

That is why through these pages, initially broadcasting in six languages, the most widely heard on planet earth: namely Greek, which is also the mother tongue of our two co-founders of the Spiritual Creative House ELLODIA-ELLODIA of Dr. Stamatios Georgoulis (father) Doctor of International Law and Lawyer at the Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights and Christos Georgoulis (son) Journalist. Next are English, Russian, French, Spanish and Chinese. Several others are going to follow in the future, aiming to grant a writing and creative step, to every thinking and desiring to express themselves through our project, inhabitant of any corner of our small earthly planetary space.

We are accompanied by our experiences that we have gained by researching, traveling and participating in spiritual, scientific and travel events/tours in many of the countries of the planet, perhaps most, everywhere on earth in Europe, Asia, Africa, America (North and South and Australia.

We may not be able to change the world after all. However, our purpose is to actively contribute by fighting through our publishing ventures to make it better than it was yesterday. So welcome to the exciting journey of the Odyssey of Greece with the ultimate destination Homeric Ithaca for each of you/ours, which with you could be one of the most fulfilling spiritual journeys of your/our life!

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